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Danfoss Visual Inspection System

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Nick Gerleman

Key Concept Holder


Joseph Elliott



Evan Woodring

Team Lead


Cory Itzen



Aleksandar Dogandzic

Associate Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Radoslaw Kornicki

Danfoss Power Solutions

Below is an example of rendering an object using ThreeJS, a library we used a lot in the client. Rendered is one of our sample objects we have been testing with.


Our goal with the Danfoss Visual Inspection System is to pick up defects in assembly line products. The general flow goes as follows: scan a product with a camera, generate a 3D model of the product, compare the generated 3D model with the product's corresponding CAD model, and determine if there is an error in the product.

The driving purpose of this project is to eliminate waste. An incorrectly configured product that has been shipped off to a client will always be shipped back. This is wasteful for the sellers, consumers, and shipping companies. Providing an accurate means of automated error detection will be beneficial to all involved parties because it saves money.

Design Documents

Final Report

Final Report

Senior Design Dec 2017 Team 4